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The Problem with Pricing in Ecommerce

Pricing is a double edged sword

Raise prices, lose customers
Lower prices, lose profit

Pricing is a moving target

Trends are fickle, cost vary
Marketing performance changes

Ecommerce has unfair competition

Big players have pricing teams
Trying to steal your customers

The Price Perfect Solution

What is Price Perfect?

  • An app that connects to your e-commerce shop and uses AI to continuously adapt prices to market trends and customer behavior
  • Optimize regular prices, discounts and bundle prices
  • Identifies the best price point to maximize profit and customer satisfaction

Benefits for E-commerce Merchants

  • Saves time by eliminating manual A/B testing and price adjustments
  • Beats competitor pricing strategies by using advanced AI, not just matching competitor prices
  • Provides a significant competitive edge at an affordable price

We have delivered $1B+ in value from AI powered pricing

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What you will get

  • Happier, more loyal customers
  • Increased Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Peace of mind knowing your pricing is handled

What you will avoid

  • Lagging market trends
  • Getting stuck in price wars
  • Being outdone by large competitors
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